Rolf’s Farm electricity monitoring

This page shows electricity usage at Rolf’s Farm House. The live monitoring does not currently include the swimming pool or any of the other buildings.

Live power demand

Heat pump circuit: Includes the ground source heat pump and IT services in the lean-to, outside.

House circuit: Includes lighting, all appliances such as AGA and washing machines, and hot water cylinders inside the house.

Power and temperature history

By default, the graph shows the last 24 hours. Use the D, W, M and Y buttons to switch between the last day, week , month and year.

Left axis is watts, right axis is degrees C.

House appliances only (watts)

This graph shows the demand history for the house circuit only. Useful for narrowing down which appliances are big consumers.


Daily total consumption (kWhrs)

This chart shows the total daily electricity usage for the house, from both circuits. 1kWh costs approximately 20p, 100kWh costs £20.