Find out more about some of the projects we’re working on.

White Stork reintroduction

Wadhurst Park is a partner in the White Stork Project that aims to restore a self-sustaining breeding population of storks in southern England.

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Common room art commission

In 2019, Nessie Ramm joined us for the year as artist in residence to paint murals in our new common room. Her work highlights the beauty and diversity of our local species, helps staff and visitors learn to recognise them, and inspires them to value and nurture wildlife.

Nessie’s latest updates

Autumn Falling – November 2019

Plant identification with Angela – August 2019

Ordinary Treasure – March 2019

Neighbours’ projects

Other local projects of interest.

Help our kelp – from the Sussex Wildlife Trust

Historically, kelp was abundant along the West Sussex coastline, but this important habitat has diminished over time, leaving just a few small patches and individual plants, mostly in shallow water and along the shoreline.

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