FF Monitoring

Electricity monitoring has been installed on two circuits at FF, which we suspect are the largest consumers. With the equipment we have we are limited to monitoring two circuits at a time. Once we have optimised the heating system we can switch to monitoring other circuits, or the building as a whole.

Circuit 1 : Supplies the ground source heat pump and the immersion heater in the buffer vessel. These devices supply the central heating.

Circuit 2 : Supplies the immersion heater on the secondary hot water circuit. This system circulates hot water constantly to reduce the time lag between opening the tap and hot water coming out. This circuit also supplies the water softening plant.


Live power demand (Watts)

The graph below shows how power demand on each circuit has changed over the last hour. The graph updates every ten seconds. You can change the scale on the graph by clicking the buttons at the top. ‘D’ gives you a 24 hour view, ‘W’ gives you a week’s view, etc.

Hourly consumption (kWhrs)

The graph below shows the number of kWhrs (electricity units) consumed each hour. If you know what you’re paying per unit, you can work out what this is costing.

If you click kWh/D you will see consumption per day.